Guardian Family Contract     

THIS AGREEMENT, Dated as of this day of ____________________________________________ between SCOTT FREE FARM INC., (hereinafter called “Breeder”), and ____________________________________________,(hereinafter called the “Guardian”).


          Whereas, Breeder is engaged in the business of Breeding Old World German Shepherds; and

          Whereas, Breeder wishes to place a breeding dog, owner by the breeder, with Guardian; and

          Whereas, Guardian wishes to act as a foster parent to provide physical and emotional care to and supervision of the dog subject to the terms of this agreement and; 

          Whereas, the dog placed with the Guardian will be Scott Free Farm’s breeder dog.

          Now, Therefore, the parties here to, intending to be legally bound hereby, agree to as follows:

1.        Definitions .    Words, terms, and phrases used in this agreement shall have their usual and customary meaning unless specifically defined in this paragraph.

                    a) Breeder Dog- A dog that will sire or whelp one or more litters of puppies

                    b) Sick visits- Visits to the Veterinarian occasioned by illness or injury to the dog

                    c) Well visits- Normal and routine visits to the Veterinarian to monitor the health of the dog, which visits are not occasioned by illness or injury to the dog.....such visits                     

                         Include but are not limited to visits for immunizations, heartworm medications, flea and tick medication, and routine worming.

                    d) Breeding Process- Guardian is to arrange with Breeder a mutually agreeable time for breeder to obtain dog for the breeding process. Dog shall stay with breeder 

                         until the dog is no longer accepted and stood for as stud, up to a maximum of 12 days and again for females when she whelps her puppies and puppies are being 

                         weaned; most times 8 to 9 weeks. Most breedings will be for 5 to 7 days. 

 2.         Subjective Agreement .......The dog subject to this agreement is an Old World German Shepherd whose Pedigree name is __________________________________________________________________ ( hereinafter, the dog )

sired by ___________________________________________________________ out of _____________________________________________________________________.

The dog’s color is_______________________________________________________. Thee dog’s date of birth is _________________________________________________.

The dog’s microchip number is _______________________________________________. 

 3.         Ownership.........Ownership and all right title in interest to the dog shall remain with Breeder until time as Breeder shall, by written evidence of transfer, assign and transfer ownership of the dog to Guardian. Likewise, any puppies born to the dog shall be the sole property of Breeder and Guardian shall have no ownership, interest, or possession rights to any such puppies. Breeder agrees that Dog will not be sold to another breeder and that when he or she is no longer a breeder dog in Breeder’s Program, he or she will be neutered or spayed by the Guardian and then ownership will be transferred to Guardian.

4.          Possession ..........Breeder shall transfer possession of the dog to Guardian at the signing of this contract. Guardian shall retain possession of the dog and shall provide physical and emotional care and agrees to supervision of the dog subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement.

5.          Breeder’s Obligations ..........During the time that the dog remains in the possession of Guardian, and during the term of this agreement, Breeder shall:

                    a) Provide Guardian with instructions concerning nutritional and dietary guidelines for the dog

                    b) Provide approximate dates when a dog will be needed for breeding. 5-7 days after the onset of heat cycle in female dogs. We will give 5 to 7 days notice for   

                         males being used for stud.

                    c) When time for breeding of dog, take possession of the dog and provide care to and supervision of the dog until breeding process is completed at which time the              

                         dog will be returned to the possession of the Guardian;

                     d) Take possession of the dog from Guardian for any breeder testing;

                     e)  Will schedule visits with the Guardian at least two times per calendar year and discuss any and all issues concerning the care and supervision of the dog by


                     f)   Breeder will pay for all breeding related expenses. 

6.            Guardian’s Obligations ...........During the time the dog remains in the possession of Guardian and during the term of this agreement, Guardian will:

                    a) NOT breed the dog to any other dog not authorized by Breeder

                    b) Safely confine the dog by using a traditional fence 

                    c) Provide adequate excercise for the dog on a daily basis

                    d) Comply with Breeder’s nutritional and dietary guidelines in regards to dog food brand and serving size. Pay all costs and expenses associated with feeding dog.

                    e) Schedule and pay for all veterinary appointments for sick and well visits and notify Breeder of said visit and provide diagnosis/treatment documentation. Provide                  

                     Breeder with a copy of updated vaccinations for breeder records. 

                     f) Apply and pay for monthly heartworm, flea and tick medication as directed and approved by Breeder. 

                     g) Use only the services of a quality Veterinarian.

                     h) Deliver possession of the dog to Breeder upon Breeder’s request whenever requested to do so for breeding purposes. Guardian will deliver dog to either 43746

                         Spinks Ferry Road, Leesburg, Virginia, 20176, or another designated place mutually agreed to by Guardian and Breeder. 

                      I) The above mentioned puppy/dog is not to engage in excessive physical activity prior to 12 months of age as this can cause hip dysphasia. 

                      j) Guardian shall deliver the dog to the Veterinarian for well visits.

                     k) Guardian will notify Breeder of scheduled vacations or other absences from the area which may prevent Breeding and assist Breeder to insure that the dog is

                         available for breeding.

                     l) Take appropriate measures to insure the safety of the dog while transporting the dog in any vehicle. Dog’s may not ride in the back of a pickup on the open road. 

                     m) Provide Breeder with Guardian’s address, telephone number and email address; immediately notify Breeder of any changes of address, phone number, or email. 

                      n) Keep open lines of communication with Breeder. Respond to emails or calls within 36 hours and send updated pictures three times per year.

                      o) Keep dog groomed. 

                      p) Never allow unsupervised contact with other intact dog’s .

                      q) Train dog to walk on a leash and obey basic commands such as sit, down, and come. 

                       r) Guardian will notify breeder of the onset of all heat cycles of female dog. 

7.                 Removal of dog :............Breeder agrees to consult with Guardian before permanently removing the dog from the Guardian’s possession unless, in the judgement of the Breeder, the dog must be removed immediately from the possession of the Guardian in order to protect the health, welfare, and or safety of the dog. If the dog does not need to be removed immediately from the Guardian’s home, the Breeder will give the Guardian a reasonable time to comply with the Breeders requirements for maintaining the health, welfare, or safety of the dog. 

8.                  Death of Dog .................Guardian’s Possession.  Should the dog die from accidental or natural causes while in the possession of Breeder, this agreement shall terminate upon the happening of such occurrence. Neither party shall have any further obligation to the other party. 

9.                  Death of Dog .................Breeder’s Possession. Should the dog die from accidental or natural causes while in the possession of Breeder, this agreement shall terminate upon the happening of such occurrence. Neither Party shall have any further obligation to the other party. 

10.                 Transfer of Ownership ...................Proven Breeder. When Breeder, in the sole and absolute discretion of Breeder, determines that the dog, a proven breeder, shall no longer be used for breeding purposes, Breeder shall transfer ownership of dog to Guardian. Breeder will not breed male dog past the age of 8 years of age and a female dog past the age of 5. 

11.                  Transfer of Ownership ...................Potential Breeder. If, within 3 years of this date of this agreement, Breeder determines that the dog, a potential breeder, is unable to be utilized for breeding purposes, Breeder shall transfer ownership of the dog to Guardian. 

 12.                  Indemnity ...................Guardian agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Breeder from all claims, liabilities, losses, costs, damages and expenses by reason of any damage to property or injury or death to individuals allegedly caused by dog while in possession og Guardian.

13.                   Payment to Breeder .....................Upon occurrence of any of the following events, Guardian agrees to pay Breeder the sum of $________________ Dollars, which represents the fair market value of the dog.

                           a) Guardian shall pay aforesaid sum to Breeder if Guardian, independently and without the express written consent of the breeder, has the dog neutered or spayed.

                           b) Guardian shall pay aforesaid sum to Breeder if Guardian intentionally causes injury to the dog that prevents the dog from breeding or causes death to the dog.

                            c) Guardian shall pay the aforesaid sum to Breeder if Guardian absconds with the dog, fails to advise Breeder of any change in Guardian’s address, or ceases communication with the Breeder. 

15.                   Waiver of Breach ...................No failure to enforce a breach of this agreement shall constitute a waiver of any other or subsequent breach.

16.                    Assignment .....................Except with the express written consent of the other party here to, this Agreement shall not be assignable or otherwise transferred in whole or part.

17.                     Headings .....................All Headings used herein are for convenience in reference only and shall not be deemed to have ant substantive effect.

18.                      Further Instruments and Actions ......................Each party shall deliver any further instruments and take any further action that may be reasonably requested by the other in order to carry out the provisions and purposes of this Agreement.

19.                       Governing Law .....................This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Virginia.


In Witness Whereof, and intending to be legally bound, the parties have executed this Agreement the day and year first above written.

 ____________________Date________________________________________________________________________David or Kristine Bacon


  Guardian Home Address____________________________________________________________________________________


Guardian Phone numbers_____________________________________________________________________________________

Guardian email______________________________________________________________________________________________

Emergency contact person (if you cannot be reached within 36 hours)___________________________________________________

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