Thank you for visiting our Guardian Family Page. German Shepherds are very family oriented and need the love and attention of their owners. We love our German Shepherd family but we don’t want to have more dogs than we are comfortable with in our home. We are looking to place some of our puppies into forever homes. We would keep the right to breed this dog during its breedable life cycle. Cost is 500.00. 

We will never breed our females until their second heat or after age 5. We will never breed our males until 9 months of age or after age 8. 

We pay for breeding expenses.

Some Guardian Family responsibilities would include:


             *Live within 120 miles of our home in Leesburg, Virginia

             *Communicate with us in a timely manner

             * Train your dog (basic training)

             *Keep your dog groomed 

             *Keep your dog shots up to date and have yearly vet examinations

             *You must use flea and tick medication and heart worm prevention

             *Bring your dog and pick up your dog from us for testing, breeding, and whelping of puppies

             *You must have a secure fenced yard and own your own home

             *You must not intend to move for 4-6 years

             *You must not own any other intact dogs of the opposite sex! We do not want any mistakes.

             *You will need to feed your dog a high quality food ( We feed Victor Professional )

             *You will be required to give your dog calcium and multivitamins ( We use DocRoy’s healthy bones and daily care multivitamins from Revival Health Pet )

             *You must agree to and sign the Guardian Family agreement/contract.


While we may seem a little picky, we want the best for our children!