I would like to tell you about German Shepherds.

The original German Shepherd was developed by Captain Max von Stephanitz. He created a smart, strong, and protective herding dog that was adaptive enough to be both a working dog and a family dog. He wrote the breed standard for the Deutsche Schaferhund (German Shepherd Dog) in 1901. He also created the Schutzhund test. This test measures the obedience, courage, protection ability, mental stability, and willingness of the breed to work. This remains in use today.

Note the straighter back

After WWll, many changes occurred in the breed. American breeders started breeding more for looks and show quality. One of the most notable changes made to the American German Shepherd dogs was the slope of their back. The extreme angulation of the hind quarters was done for show. This gave the dogs a more fluid movement called a "flying trot". This trait, while desired for show and looks, led to hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis. This also decreased the dogs ability to be a working dog.

Note the sloped back

The division of Germany after WWll also created differences between East German and West German bloodlines of the breed. West German bloodlines became known for their "show lines". The dogs were bred to have a gentle sloping of the hind quarters. This slope was not nearly as severe as the Americanized German Shepherd "Roach Backs". East German Shepherds were bred more for their working lines. They were bred to maintain the breed standard that was set by Captain  Max von Stephanitz. Their straight backs had fewer problems with medical issues such as hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis. 

Brittish German Shepherd dogs were bred to be large boned and have a long straight body. Both American and Brittish German Shepherds were created to have calmer temperaments and a much lower energy than the German lines.

Our dogs are a beautiful mix of all of the most desirable traits (for which I take no credit). Our dogs are very large with stright backs. Our dogs are DM clear and tested for their risk of hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis by PennHIP exam. Health, however, is second only to temperament. I will never breed and agressive animal. Temperament is #1. Our dogs are not agressive yet remain instinctively protective. I believe in this breed of German Shepherd Dog with all of my heart. I think you will too! Treat them like your children/your family and you will be rewarded with a loyal companion for years to come. Use as much praise training as possible. They only want to please you and to be loved.

Please go to the upcoming litters page to see our German Shepherd puppies for sale. We plan to post litters throughout the year. Our puppies will be large and have straight backs with awesome terperaments. We will be doing Volhard testing to assist with puppy placement.